Meeting documents

Audit Committee
Wednesday, 24th July, 2019 10.15 am

Meeting Venue:Committee Room 1
Meeting Status:Confirmed
Meeting Access:This meeting is open to the public
Meeting Description:n/a

Member Attendance

Castle, Gordon MemberYes
Grimshaw, Lynne MemberYes
Hill, Georgina Emma Rowley ChairYes
Purvis, Mark Andrew MemberNo
Rickerby, Lesley Jennifer MemberNo
Swinburn, Mark David Vice ChairYes
Swithenbank, Ian Carr Fry MemberYes
Towns, David James MemberYes

01 Agenda Letter
 Agenda Letter 
02 Minutes - 22.05.19
03 Audit Results Report
04 The Statement of Accounts 2018-19
05 Pension Fund Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19
05.1 Annex 1
05.2 Annex 2
05.3 Annex 3
05.4 Annex 4
06 Treasury Management Annual Report for Financial Year 2018-19
07 Key Questions for the Audit Committee
07.1 Appendix A - Key Questions for the Audit Committee
Minutes 24 July