Meeting documents

Cramlington, Bedlington and Seaton Valley Local Area Council
Wednesday, 17th July, 2019 5.00 pm

Meeting Venue:The Methodist Church, Seaton Sluice
Meeting Status:Confirmed
Meeting Access:This meeting is open to the public
Meeting Description:Please note that some Local Area Council meetings deal only with planning applications, whereas other Local Area Council meetings are divided into two parts. For the meetings that are divided into two, the first part deals with local planning applications. The second part deals with other local area council business. You may not wish to attend for the whole meeting. Please refer to the agenda letter for further details of timings.

Member Attendance

Bowman, Leslie MemberYes
Crosby, William MemberYes
Daley, Wayne MemberYes
Dunbar, Christine Lesley ChairNo
Dungworth, Susan Elizabeth MemberYes
Flux, Barry Malcolm MemberYes
Hepple, Allan MemberYes
Richards, Margaret Evelyn MemberYes
Robinson, Malcolm Vice ChairYes
Swinburn, Mark David MemberYes
Swithenbank, Ian Carr Fry MemberYes
Wallace, Russell John MemberYes

01 Agenda Letter
 Agenda Letter 
02 Minutes, 22 May 2019
03 Determination of Planning Applications
04 17-02012-OUT - Land West of 62 Station Road Stannington
04.1 17-02012-OUT Appendix - October 2018 Committee Report
05 19-01613-CCD - Seghill First School
06 Appeal Update - July 2019
07 Members' Local Improvement Schemes
08 Work Programme 2019-20
Final minutes
Tour of Britain Presentation