Meeting documents

Licensing & Regulatory Committee
Wednesday, 24th October, 2018 1.30 pm

Meeting Venue:Committee Room 1
Meeting Status:Confirmed
Meeting Access:This meeting is open to the public
Meeting Description:n/a

Member Attendance

Cessford, Trevor MemberYes
Crosby, William MemberYes
Gibson, Rupert McLure Vice ChairYes
Hutchinson, James Ian ChairYes
Lang, James Aidan MemberYes
Parry, Kenneth MemberYes
Pattison, Wendy MemberYes
Pidcock, Bernard MemberNo
Purvis, Mark Andrew MemberYes
Richards, Margaret Evelyn MemberYes
Roughead, Gregah Alan MemberYes
Seymour, Catherine MemberYes
Sharp, Alan MemberYes
Stow, Kenneth George MemberYes
Wilson, Thomas Sinclair MemberYes

01 Agenda letter
 Agenda Letter 
02 Final Minutes 20.06.18
03 Final minutes (L & R Sub 31 May)
04 Final Minutes (L & R Sub 11 Jun 18)
05 Final minutes (L & R Sub 19 July)
06 Final minutes (L & R Sub 16 August)
07 Final minutes (L & R Sub 20.09.18)
08 Draft minutes (L & R Sub 25 September)
09 DoT Taxi and PHV working group Report
09i Appendix A Taxi and PHV Task and Finish Group Recommendations
 Background papers 
09ii Appendix B taxi-and-phv-working-group-report
 Background papers 
10 Animal Licensing & Fees Report
11 Revised NR3 report
11i Appendix A - NR3 Policy
 Background papers 
Final minutes