Meeting documents

County Council
Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020 3.00 pm

Meeting Venue:Remote Meeting
Meeting Status:Confirmed
Meeting Access:This meeting is open to the public
Meeting Description:n/a

Member Attendance

Armstrong, Eileen MemberYes
Bawn, David Lee MemberYes
Beynon, John Ace MemberYes
Bowman, Leslie MemberYes
Bridgett, Steven Christopher MemberYes
Campbell, Deirdre MemberYes
Cartie, Eileen MemberYes
Castle, Gordon MemberYes
Cessford, Trevor MemberYes
Clark, Terence MemberYes
Crosby, William MemberYes
Dale, Patricia Anne Mary MemberYes
Daley, Wayne MemberYes
Davey, James Grant MemberYes
Davey, Susan MemberYes
Dickinson, Scott James MemberYes
Dodd, Richard Robert MemberYes
Dunbar, Christine Lesley MemberYes
Dungworth, Susan Elizabeth MemberYes
Dunn, Elizabeth MemberYes
Flux, Barry Malcolm MemberYes
Foster, Julie Denise MemberYes
Gallacher, Brian Charles MemberYes
Gibson, Rupert McLure MemberYes
Gobin, John James MemberYes
Grimshaw, Lynne MemberYes
Hepple, Allan MemberYes
Hill, Georgina Emma Rowley MemberYes
Homer, Catherine RMemberYes
Horncastle, Colin William MemberYes
Hutchinson, James Ian MemberYes
Jackson, Peter Alan MemberYes
Jones, Veronica MemberYes
Kennedy, Derek MemberYes
Lang, James Aidan MemberYes
Lawrie, Roderick Malcolm Gordon MemberYes
Ledger, David MemberYes
Murray, Anthony Harkness MemberYes
Nisbet, Kathleen MemberYes
Oliver, Nicholas MemberYes
Parry, Kenneth MemberYes
Pattison, Wendy MemberYes
Purvis, Mark Andrew MemberYes
Quinn, Karen Rachel MemberNo
Reid, Jeffrey Stewart MemberYes
Renner-Thompson, Guy MemberYes
Richards, Margaret Evelyn MemberYes
Rickerby, Lesley Jennifer MemberYes
Riddle, John Robert MemberYes
Robinson, Malcolm MemberYes
Roughead, Gregah Alan MemberYes
Sanderson, Hugh Glen Howard MemberYes
Seymour, Catherine MemberYes
Sharp, Alan MemberYes
Simpson, Elizabeth MMemberYes
Stewart, Gordon MemberYes
Stow, Kenneth George MemberYes
Swinburn, Mark David MemberYes
Swithenbank, Ian Carr Fry MemberYes
Thorne, Trevor Norman MemberYes
Towns, David James MemberYes
Wallace, Russell John MemberYes
Watson, Jeffrey George MemberYes
Wearmouth, Richard Watson MemberYes
Webb, Gordon MemberYes
Wilson, Thomas Sinclair MemberYes

01 agenda letter
 Agenda Letter 
02.01 Council 200220
02.02 Cabinet 110220
02.03 Cabinet 100320
02.04 Cabinet 120520
02.05 Cabinet 090620
02.06 Cabinet 230620
02.07 Cabinet 070720
02.08 CSEG 100220
02.09 CSEG 090320
02.10 CSEG 130720
02.11 FACS 060220
02.12 FACS 120520
02.13 FACS 160720
02.14 C&P 050220
02.15 C&P 040320
02.16 C&P 030620
02.17 C&P 150720
02.18 H&W 030320
02.18 H&WB 040220
02.19 H&W 020620
02.20 H&W 140720
02.21 H&W Bd 130220
02.22 H&W Bd 090720
02.23 HWBd 130820
02.24 Audit 270520
02.25 Audit 290720
02.26 Standards 100620
03 Delegated Decisions
04 Review of Planning Functions of Local Area Councils
05 Community Governance Review Amble
05.1 CGR Amble Appendix 1
05.2 CGR Amble Map 1 Gloster Hill to A1068
05.3 CGR Amble Map 2 - A1068 to Coast v2
05.4 CGR Amble Map 3 - Amble changes v2
06 Request to LG Boundary Commission for Related Alteration Order - Pegswood and Bothal EDs
07 Treasury Management Annual (Outturn) Report 2019_20 V2