Agenda and draft minutes

Tynedale Local Area Council - Tuesday, 13th July, 2021 4.00 pm

Venue: Meeting Space - Block 2, Floor 2 - County Hall, Morpeth

Contact: Nichola Turnbull 

Note: Due to Covid restrictions only those who have registered and are actively participating will be allowed access to the meeting. Any member of the press or public may view the proceedings of this meeting live on our YouTube channel at Any questions from the public should be submitted to by 12 noon on the working day before the meeting. 

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Homer.




The Chair advised members of the procedure which would be followed at the meeting.


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Minutes of the meeting of the Tynedale Local Area Council, held on 15 June 2021, as circulated, to be confirmed as a true record, and signed by the Chair.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Tynedale Local Area Council held on 15 June 2021, as circulated, be confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chair.



Unless already entered in the Council’s Register of Members’ interests, members are required to disclose any personal interest (which includes any disclosable pecuniary interest) they may have in any of the items included on the agenda for the meeting in accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 4 July 2012, and are reminded that if they have any personal interests of a prejudicial nature (as defined under paragraph 17 of the Code Conduct) they must not participate in any discussion or vote on the matter and must leave the room.


NB Any member needing clarification must contact the Legal Services Manager at  Please refer to the guidance on disclosures at the rear of this agenda letter.


Councillor Cessford declared a personal and prejudicial interest in planning application 20/03388/FUL.


Councillor Cessford then vacated the Chair, for Planning Vice-Chair Councillor Scott to chair the development control section of the agenda, as was the arrangement for all Local Area Councils.



To request the committee to decide the planning applications attached to this report using the powers delegated to it.


Please note that printed letters of objection/support are no longer circulated with the agenda but are available on the Council’s website at


The committee was requested to decide the planning applications attached to the report using the powers delegated to it. Members were reminded of the principles which should govern their consideration of the applications, the procedure for handling representations, the requirement of conditions and the need for justifiable reasons for the granting of permission or refusal of planning applications.


RESOLVED that the information be noted.


20/03388/FUL pdf icon PDF 320 KB

Change of use from dwellinghouse and cottage (C3 use) to guest accommodation (C1 use); single-storey rear extension to form wedding venue; and car parking (As amended)

Shildon, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE45 5PY


There were no questions arising from the site visit videos which had been circulated prior to the meeting.


The Planning Officer introduced the application with the aid of a powerpoint presentation and reported the following:


·        An update had been circulated on Friday with three additional representations that were received between the officer report being drafted and being published on the website.  In summary, the additional representations raised concerns in respect of:

-      The amount of proposed car parking provision, within the context of the decision at last month’s committee to refuse a wedding venue at Linnels;

-      Impact on highway safety;

-      The experience of the applicant in running a viable business has not been independently verified;

-      The economic benefits case submitted by the applicant has not been independently verified;

-      The site is located within the Green Belt and the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Buffer Zone which were constraints for the proposed development;

-      The visual impact of the proposed development on existing buildings within the site;

-      The application indicated that wedding events would not be the only use of the proposed development; and

-      The location of off-site highways works and subsequent impact on Hadrian’s Wall Vallum, located to the northeast of the application site.

·        A second update had been circulated to Members the previous day with updated comments from the Highways team; along with updated condition numbers following a typo on the officer report; and updates to Paragraph 7.88 of the officer report  in order to refer to Policy BE2 of the Tynedale District Local Plan in respect of Equality Duty; and updates to Paragraph 8.1 of the officer report following a typo.

·        The updated Highways comments received sought to address concerns raised by members of the public in light of the decision that was made on the previous application for a wedding venue at Linnels.  The updated response set out the differences between the scale of the development currently being considered at Shildon and the scale of the previously considered scheme at Linnels.  Whilst it was considered that there was insufficient car parking to be provided at Linnels which would lead to an unacceptable impact on the highway network, it was considered that there was sufficient car parking to be provided as part of the currently proposed scheme at Shildon; subject to the approval of a Full Events Management Plan which it was recommended be secured by a condition.  The Highways team did not object to the application, subject to conditions.


Ms. N. Allan spoke in objection to the application on behalf of the occupants at Shildon Grange and 10 other properties at Halton Shields.  She highlighted the following:-


·        Some work had commenced on site following pre-application discussions, purchase and submission of the planning application.

·        There was no evidence of the applicant’s experience.

·        The application was for a commercial wedding venue which was not tourism and therefore not supported by policies CS1, INF2 or ECN16.

·        A suggestion that the venue would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.


20/03048/FUL pdf icon PDF 1015 KB

Erection of freestanding restaurant with drive-thru facility, car parking, landscaping and associated works, including Customer Order Displays (COD)

Proposed small retail unit A, land north east of Tesco (Bunker Site), Alemouth Road, Hexham, Northumberland


There were no questions arising from the site visit videos which had been circulated prior to the meeting.


The Principal Planning Officer introduced the application with the aid of a powerpoint presentation and reported the following:


·        A further 19 representations in objection and 24 in support of the proposals had been received following the publication of the committee agenda and report.

·        The comments in objection refer to the following concerns:

-        Impacts on other food outlets and the town.

-        Generation of waste and litter.

-        Increased car trips and additional traffic on Alemouth Road/Station Road.

-        Lack of suitable pedestrian and cycle links through previously approved access design.

-        Effects on health and wellbeing.

-        Adverse impacts upon Tyne Green – litter and increase in cars.

-        Out of character with the historic environment and fails to take the opportunities available for improving the character and quality of an area and the way it functions.

-        Mass production of meat with effects on climate change and animal welfare.

-        Increased traffic and effects on climate and air quality.

-        Contrary to Hexham Neighbourhood Plan.

·        Comments in support refer to:

-        A good addition to the town and further choice.

-        Welcome investment and new businesses to the town and will create employment and footfall.

-        Will increase victors to the town alongside Travelodge.

·        Potential visual impacts of signage associated with the development are referred to within the report and this would be subject to separate assessment under the Advertisement Regulations.  Proposals for a totem sign at the new entrance to the site for this unit and the other development on the larger site are currently being assessed through an application seeking advertisement consent.  In addition, the Council has also recently received two applications seeking advertisement consent for signage for the proposed McDonalds development, which are now being consulted on.


In response to questions from Members the following information was provided:-


·        Details regarding access to the bunker site were going through technical appraisal and had not yet been agreed.

·        Conditions regarding flood risk and drainage were similar to the conditions for the larger scheme.  More details specific to this plot had been provided with an updated flood risk assessment and finished levels with regard to flood risk.  The Environment Agency and Lead Local Flood Authority were now satisfied with the proposals.  If this application was approved, conditions would be discharged in consultation with relevant consultees.

·        A significant amount of time had been spent on the original outline application for the wider scheme considering the setting of heritage assets and removal of the wall to create access into the site and this was a concern for the Conservation team.  The approach into the town was very important.

·        Separate consent for signage would be required under Advertisement Regulations and would be considered with colleagues from Conservation, Highways and Historic England.

·        There were currently 3 applications that were relevant to this site including a large monolith sign at the entrance to the main  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.


20/04380/OUT pdf icon PDF 191 KB

Outline planning permission for one new 3 bedroom 2 storey dwelling

Land South East of Bastle House, Tow House, Northumberland


The Senior Planning Officer introduced the report with the aid of a powerpoint presentation and advised that there were no updates following publication of the report.


In response to questions from Members the following information was provided:-


·        Differences between the previously refused application and current application included: reduction in side extension from 2 storey to single storey, use of stone on all sides of the dwelling whereas previously it had only been proposed for the front elevation with render on the other 3 sides, previously pvc windows, guttering and drainage changed to wooden windows and doors and metal rainwater goods.  It was important that traditional materials be used given the proximity of nearby listed buildings.


Councillor Kennedy proposed acceptance of the recommendation to approve the application, subject to the conditions contained in the officer’s report.  This was seconded by Councillor Stewart and unanimously agreed.


RESOLVED that the application be GRANTED permission for the reasons and with the conditions as outlined in the report.



For Members’ information to report the progress of planning appeals.  This is a monthly report and relates to appeals throughout all 5 Local Area Council Planning Committee areas and covers appeals of Strategic Planning Committee.


The report provided information on the progress of planning appeals.


RESOLVED that the information be noted.


Councillor Dale left the meeting.



To reply to any questions received from members of the public which have been submitted in writing in advance of the meeting.  Questions can be asked about issues for which the Council has a responsibility.  (Public question times take place on a bimonthly basis at Local Area Council meetings: in January, March, May, July, September and November each year.)


As agreed by the County Council in February 2012, the management of local public question times is at the discretion of the Chair of the committee.


Please note however that a question may possibly be rejected if it requires the disclosure of any categories of confidential or exempt information, namely information:


1.      relating to any individual;

2.      which is likely to reveal the identity of an individual;

3.      relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person;

4.      relating to any labour relations matters/negotiations;

5.      restricted to legal proceedings;

6.      about enforcement/enacting legal orders;

7.      relating to the prevention, investigation of prosecution of crime.




·        is defamatory, frivolous or offensive;

·        it is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of this or another County Council committee in the past six months;

·        the request repeats an identical or very similar question from the same person;

·        the cost of providing an answer is disproportionate;

·        it is being separately addressed through the Council's complaints process;

·        it is not about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which affects the county;

·        it relates to planning, licensing and/or other regulatory applications;

·        it is a question that town/parish councils would normally be expected to raise through other channels.


If the Chair is of the opinion that a question is one which, for whatever reason, cannot properly be asked in an area meeting, he/she will disallow it and inform the resident of his/her decision.


Copies of any written answers (without individuals' personal contact details) will be provided for members after the meeting and also be publicly available.


Democratic Services will confirm the status of the progress on any previously requested written answers and follow up any related actions requested by the Local Area Council.


There were no questions from members of the public.



This item is to:


a)      Receive any new petitions: to receive any new petitions.  The lead petitioner is entitled to briefly introduce their petition by providing a statement in writing, and a response to any petitions received will then be organised for a future meeting;


b)      Consider reports on petitions previously received: no reports are due to be considered at this meeting;


c)      Receive any updates on petitions for which a report was previously considered: any updates will be verbally reported at the meeting.


This item was to:


a) Receive any new petitions:


No new petitions had been received.


A report was expected to be presented to the meeting in September to consider an ongoing electronic petition on a right of way path closure in Wylam.


b) Consider reports on petitions previously received:


There were none to consider.


c) To consider updates on petitions previously considered:


There were none to consider.





To receive a verbal update from the Area Managers from Technical Services and Neighbourhood Services in attendance about any key recent, ongoing and/or future planned Local Services work for the attention of members of the Local Area Council, who will also then have the opportunity to raise issues with the Area Managers.


The Area Managers have principal responsibility for highway services and environmental services, such as refuse collection, street cleansing and grounds maintenance, within the geographic boundaries of the Local Area Council.


Members received the following updates and explanation of the impact of Covid-19 on front line services from the Area Managers from Neighbourhood Services and Technical Services:


Technical Services:


·        Additional resources had been put in place to make repairs to the network following winter damage.  Inspections and maintenance repairs were up to date and being undertaken in a timely manner.

·        Ditching, road widening and replacement road signs were being carried out in the rural area and recently around Sandhoe.

·        9 of 28 Local Transport Plan schemes had been completed to date with the remainder expected to be carried out within the year.

·        14,500 m2 of permanent patching repairs had been undertaken since April.

·        187,000 km of road surface dressing at 14 sites around Tynedale had been carried out using a lock chip sealing method to prolong the life of surface dressing.

·        Members Local Improvement Schemes were being programmed in.

·        Microsurfacing had commenced in the South East area the previous week and would be moving to the Tynedale area in the next few months. Councillors would be notified ahead of any work.

·        The Tynedale Highways team had performed exceptionally well during the pandemic and winter period.


The following issues were discussed:


·        Improved communications were to be issued regarding preparatory work which could be undertaken during the winter period and final stages which were weather dependent processes.

·        The cutting of grass on road verges had been done to a very good standard this year with improved sight lines and more clearance around signage and corners etc.  The team were thanked for the excellent work.

·        Verge to verge work continued and on the rural network could include hedges on highway verge.  If the land was private, hedges were the responsibility of adjacent landowners.  Notification letters requesting work be undertaken were issued by the Highways Team.  2 letters were issued prior to work being undertaken and the landowner recharged.  It was noted that this work could only be done during a certain window due to birds nesting and it was queried whether the period could be shortened.  Overgrown hedges led to safety concerns and complaints regarding broken mirrors on large vehicles which were expensive to replace.

·        Implementation of 20 mph speed limits were to be rolled out as a priority during the current year.


Updates on issues raised during the meeting would be obtained for Councillors Cessford (Hencotes), Stewart (20 mph speed limit on Castlefields Drive), Hutchinson (20 mph speed limit at Herdley Bank School and flashing 20 mph signs at Whitfield School).


Neighbourhood Services:


·        Collections of residual and recycling waste were going well; tonnages of garden waste fluctuated massively in periods of rapid growth with some additional return trips required the following day.

·        An additional 300 customers had signed up to the garden waste service in the Tynedale area in 2021/22 compared with the previous year (7,300 customers now in total).  There was one route which covered the main settlements but not all areas were serviced due to capacity.  The route was reviewed every  ...  view the full minutes text for item 21.



To make appointments to outside body organisations within the Local Area Council’s remit.  A list of outside bodies is attached to the agenda for consideration.


Members considered a list of appointments to outside bodies for 2019/20.


It was reported that Hexham Community Partnership no longer required a nomination from the County Council.


RESOLVED that the following list of appointments be confirmed:


Groundwork North East - Land of Oak and Iron Project Board – G Stewart

Haltwhistle Partnership Limited - Vacancy

Haltwhistle Swimming & Leisure Centre Man. Cttee - A Sharp

Hexham TORCH Centre Management Committee - T Cessford

Prudhoe Community Partnership - Vacancy

Queens Hall Arts Trust - CR Homer

Rede Tyne & Coquet Sports Centre – Vacancy

Sport Tynedale – N Oliver

Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership Board - Vacancy



The Members Local Improvement Schemes for Tynedale Local Area Council are provided for information only.


The Local Area Council received a progress update on Members’ Local Improvement Schemes as at 1 July 2021.  (A copy of the report is enclosed with the minutes.)


RESOLVED that the report be noted.



To note the latest version of agreed items for future Local Area Council meetings (any suggestions for new agenda items will require confirmation by the Business Chair after the meeting).


A list of agreed items for future Local Area Council meetings was circulated.  (A copy is enclosed with the minutes.)


Members were invited to email any requests to the Chair and / or Democratic Services Officer between meetings.


Items to be added to the work programme following the last meeting of the LAC Chairs Briefing included:


·        Youth Service Provision

·        Enhanced Services with Town and Parish Councils

·        Off-street Electric Vehicle Charging Points

·        Cycling and Walking Board

·        Enforcement


A member requested that the Police Crime Commissioner be invited to a future meeting of the Tynedale Local Area Council.  The Chair agreed to refer the matter to the LAC Chairs Briefing.


Clarification would be obtained regarding the type of enforcement.


RESOLVED that the work programme be noted.



The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10 August 2021 at 4.00 p.m.


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 10 August 2021 at 4.00 p.m.



To consider such other business as, in the opinion of the Chair, should, by reason of special circumstances, be considered as a matter of urgency.


The Committee were informed that the Community Chest Panel would be meeting in the next few weeks and would be comprised of Councillors Cessford, Hutchinson, Sharp, Stewart and Waddell.