Licensing & Regulatory Committee - Wednesday, 15th June, 2022 1.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - County Hall. View directions

Contact: Heather Bowers 

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The committee is asked to note the following membership and terms of reference for the Licensing & Regulatory Committee which were agreed by Council on 04 May 2022.? 


15 Members (7:4:1 Ind Gp, 1 LD, 2 Min Gp)  

(same membership and chair/vice chair as Licensing Committee)  


Quorum – 4 


Chair: I. Hutchinson 

 Vice Chair: C. Humphrey 




Independent Group 

Liberal Democrats 

Green Party 

Ind Non-Grouped 

J. Beynon 

B. Gallacher 

S. Lee 

A. Sharp 

M. Swinbank 


T. Cessford 

J. Foster 





E. Chicken 

K. Parry 





C. Hardy 

A. Wallace 





C. Humphrey 






I. Hutchinson 






C. Seymour 







Terms of Reference 


  1. Except where the matter is delegated either expresslyto the Head of Housing and Public Protection, or alternatively to officers in accordance with the Public Protection internal scheme of management,the Licensing and Regulatory Committee has the following delegated powers:- 


  1. to be responsible forlicensing matters relating to the following areas, including suspension and revocation of licences and applicationswhere there has been a refusal to grant, renew or vary a licence, or where there are relevant objections to grant, vary or renew:- 


(i) animal boarding establishments 

(xiii) sex establishments 

(ii) betting tracks 

(xiv) street collections 

(iii) dangerous wild animals 

(xv) street trading – prohibited areas 

(iv) dog breeding establishments 

(xvi) theatres and cinemas 

(v) game dealers 

(xvii) film classification 

(vi) hackney carriage drivers and proprietors  

(xviii) use of land as a caravan site 

(vii) hypnotism 

(xix) use of moveable dwellings and camping sites 

(viii) lotteries 

(xx) premises for acupuncture, tattooing, ear piercing and electrolysis 

(ix) motor salvage operators  

(xxi) safety certificates for sports grounds 

(x) pet shops 

(xxii) zoos 

(xi) pleasure boats and navigators 

(xxiii) knackers yards 

(xii) private hire vehicle drivers, proprietors and operators 

(xxiv) scrap metal 


(b)      to be responsible for any other licensing matters, including applications for licenses or registrations which are not delegated to any other body; 

(c)      to make recommendations on licensing policy; 

(d)      to make an order identifying a place as a designated public place for the purposes of police powers in relation to alcohol consumption; 

(e)      to make recommendations to full Council in respect of bye-laws, including making new, or amending or revoking existing bye-laws; 

(f)       to consider and respond on behalf of the Council to consultation exercises where it is appropriate to do so following agreement with the Chairman of the Committee.  


(2)      Where the Licensing and Regulatory Committee exercises the function of determining any application or similar matter, it may do so through a Sub Committee.




MINUTES pdf icon PDF 95 KB

Minutes of the meeting of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee held on Wednesday 9 March 2022, as circulated, to be confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chair.



To receive for information the following Minutes of the Licensing and Regulatory Subcommittees: 


17 March 2022



Unless already entered in the Council’s Register of Members’ interests, members are required?where a matter arises at a meeting;? 

  1. Which?directly relates to?Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (‘DPI’) as set out in Appendix B, Table 1 of the Code of Conduct, to disclose the interest, not participate in any discussion or vote and not to remain in room. Where members have a DPI or if the matter concerns an executive function and is being considered by a Cabinet Member with a DPI they must notify the Monitoring Officer and arrange for somebody else to deal with the matter. 

  1. Which?directly relates to?the financial interest or well being of a Other Registrable Interest as set out in Appendix B, Table 2 of the Code of Conduct to disclose the interest and only speak on the matter if members of the public are also allowed to speak at the meeting but otherwise must not take part in any discussion? or vote on the matter and must not remain the room. 

  1. Which?directly relates to?their financial interest or well-being? (and is not? DPI) or the financial well being of a relative or close associate, to declare the interest and members may only speak on the matter if members of the public are also allowed to speak. Otherwise, the member must not take part in discussion or vote on the matter and must leave the room. 

  1. Which?affects?the financial well-being of the member, a relative or close associate or a body included under the Other Registrable Interests column in Table 2, to disclose the interest and apply the test set out at paragraph 9 of Appendix B before deciding whether they may remain in the meeting. 

  1. Where Members have or a Cabinet Member has an Other Registerable Interest or Non Registerable Interest in a matter being considered in exercise of their executive function, they must notify the Monitoring Officer and arrange for somebody else to deal with it.? 


NB Any member needing clarification must contact? ?Members are referred to the Code of Conduct which contains the matters above in full.?Please refer to the guidance on disclosures at the rear of this agenda letter. 





Hackney Carriage Tariff pdf icon PDF 113 KB

To update Members on the formal consultation that was undertaken with the Hackney Carriage Trade, on whether there should be changes to the current hackney carriage table of fares.

Additional documents:


Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Act 2022 pdf icon PDF 101 KB

To notify members of the Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Safeguarding and Road Safety) Act 2022 and the statutory guidance.



The next meeting of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee will be Wednesday 24 August 2022.