Extraordinary Meeting, County Council - Wednesday, 23rd February, 2022 4.00 pm

Venue: Meeting Space, County Hall, Morpeth

No. Item


Motion 1

Proposed by Cllr Dickinson

Seconded Cllr Kennedy


We move that the revised report on Political Proportionality report is presented accurately and as agreed by the Group Leaders, which now includes the method produced by Democratic Services and therefore ask for the report and amended recommendations to be presented by the MO or other relevant officer.



Motion 2

Proposed Cllr Kennedy

Seconded Cllr Dickinson



That the Review of Local Area Councils report that was presented on the 5th of January be presented to be heard before members as it should have been on the 5th including resolution of the issue in relation to the Vice-Chair of the Tynedale Local Area Council.



Motion 3

Proposed Cllr Dickinson

Seconded Cllr Kennedy


That the Executive Management Structure Review is presented by the CEO as should have been presented on the 5th of January.