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Tynedale Local Area Planning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Tynedale Local Area Planning Committee.

Information about Tynedale Local Area Planning Committee

Terms of reference


(a)      To enhance good governance in the area and ensure that the Council’s policies take account of the needs and aspirations of local communities and do not discriminate unfairly between the different Areas.

(b)      To advise the Cabinet on budget priorities and expenditure within the Area.

(c)      To consider, develop and influence policy and strategy development of the Council, its arms-length organisations, and other relevant bodies, to ensure that they meet local requirements and facilitate efficient and transparent decision making.

(d)      To receive information, consider and comment on matters associated with service delivery including those undertaken in partnership agencies, affecting the local area to ensure that they meet local requirements, including matters relating to community safety, anti-social behaviour and environmental crime.

(e)      To consider and refer to Cabinet any issues from a local community perspective with emerging Neighbourhood Plans within their area, and consider local planning applications as per the planning delegation scheme.

(f)       To consider and recommend adjustments to budget priorities in relation to Local Transport Plan issues within their area, and to make decisions in relation to devolved capital highway maintenance allocations.

(g)      To engage, through the appropriate networks, with all key stakeholders from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to facilitate the delivery of area priorities.  This will include undertaking regular liaison with parish and town councils.

(h)      To inform, consult and engage local communities in accordance with Council policy and guidance, through the appropriate networks.

(i)       To, as appropriate, respond or refer with recommendations to local petitions and councillor calls for action.

(j)       To make certain appointments to outside bodies as agreed by Council.

(k)      To determine applications for grant aid from the Community Chest, either through Panels for individual Local Area Councils, or through the Panel of Local Area Council Chairs for countywide applications.

(l)       To refer and receive appropriate issues for consideration to or from other Council Committees, and as appropriate invite Portfolio Holders to attend a meeting if an item in their area of responsibility is to be discussed.

(m)     To exercise the following functions within their area:-

(i)       the Council’s functions in relation to the survey, definition, maintenance, diversion, stopping up and creation of public rights of way.

(ii)       the Council’s functions as the Commons Registration Authority for common land and town/village greens in Northumberland.

(iii)      the Council’s functions in relation to the preparation and maintenance of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

(iv)      the Council’s functions in relation to the Northumberland National Park and County Joint Local Access Forum (Local Access Forums (England) Regulations 2007.

(v)      the Council’s role in encouraging wider access for all to the County’s network of public rights of way and other recreational routes.