Agenda item


16 members(7:5:1:1:1:1) (1 Con place to Ind)


Quorum - 4


Chair: T. Thorne


Vice Chair: M. Robinson





Independent Group

Liberal Democrats

Green Party

Ind Non-Grouped

L. Darwin

C. Ball

G. Hill

J. Reid


M. Robinson

R. Dodd

J. Foster





B. Flux

J. Lang





I. Hutchinson

A. Wallace





G. Renner Thompson

A. Watson





G. Stewart






T. Thorne







Terms of Reference and Powers


(1)      To exercise the powers and duties of the Council as Planning Authority

in relation to development management under the Town and Country Planning Acts and other associated/related legislation and in particular, but not limited to, those functions listed in Schedule1 to the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000, including the following matters which specifically require a decision by the Strategic Planning Committee:


?      minerals and waste planning;


?      development concerning major energy and physical infrastructure proposals such as wind farms;


?      planning applications involving more than 100 houses and/or more than 1,000 sq metres of commercial floorspace;


?      planning applications involving less than 100 houses and/or less than 1,000 sq metres of commercial floorspace which raise significant strategic planning policy issues;


?      planning applications linked to the Council’s statutory duties under separate legislation where issues of strategic importance are raised in terms of allowing the Council to fulfil its statutory duties; and


?      any other planning applications which represent a significant departure from the Development Plan.


Functions of the Planning Committee should include all decisions involving formal enforcement action.


All applications are to be determined by the Chief Planning Officer in accordance with the powers set out in the internal scheme of delegation except for the following which fall to the Committee to determine:


  • Applications submitted by or on behalf of elected members of the Council or by their spouses/partners;


  • Applications involving land and/or premises in the ownership or under the control of elected members of the Council or their spouses/partners;


  • Applications in which any senior officer* of the Council has a personal and prejudicial interest;


  • Determination of applications submitted by or on behalf of the Council (or by or on behalf of companies controlled by the Council); or of applications relating to land in which the Council (or company) has a significant interest (NB council to refuse such applications is delegated);


  • Approval of applications where, in the opinion of the Relevant Officer, such an approval would constitute a departure from the approved Development Plan and would require a reference to the Secretary of State;


  • Any application which an elected member of the Council requests should be considered by the Committee, provided the request is in writing, is received within 21 days of the application appearing on the weekly list, and is supported by bona fide planning reasons (which will be reported to the Committee together with the Councillor’s name);


  • Any application which the Relevant Officer considers should be determined by the Committee because of special planning issues or considerations it raises including significant local interest; and


  • Determination of applications where there are contrary comments received within the consultation period given raising bona fide planning issues from statutory consultees as defined in National Planning Practice Guidance.


* For the purposes of the Scheme of Delegation, Senior Officer is defined as

  Director or Head of Service (or equivalent title)


(2)      Those functions prescribed by the Local Authorities (Functions and

Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000 as not being executive functions and not elsewhere allocated by the Constitution.



The Membership and Terms of Reference, as agreed by Council at the meeting on 26 May, had been circulated for information.  It was noted that Councillor M Swinbank had been appointed as the Green Party representative.   The Chair welcomed new Members to their first Strategic Planning Committee.


The Director of Planning advised that all Members had undertaken the mandatory planning training required except one Member of the Ashington and Blyth Local Area Council, who would complete the training before that Committee met for the first time.


RESOLVED that the information be noted.