Committee details

Corporate Services and Economic Growth OSC

Purpose of committee

(a)      To maintain an overview of the Council’s Annual Budget and Budgetary Management via the Medium Term Financial Plan.


(b)      To review the state of Northumberland and the County Council’s activity in delivering its Corporate Plan.


(c)      To maintain an overview of the Council’s performance management arrangements; highlighting areas of poor performance and monitoring recovery delivery plans.


(d)      To maintain an overview of the Management Agreements in place between the Council and Advance Northumberland (Northumberland Development Co).


(e)      To monitor, review and make recommendations about:


·       Corporate Services: Organisational Development, Health and Safety, ICT Strategy, Corporate Governance, Financial Services, Procurement Strategy, Risk Strategy, Shared and Traded Services


·       Partnership development coordination with local organisations  


·       Relationships with external bodies


·       Regeneration and Economic Development


·       Strategic Transport Network and Infrastructure


·       Employability, Skills, and removing barriers to work


·       Capital Programme and Asset Management


·       Support to VCS organisations and the Council’s relationship with town and parish councils.


Contact information

Support officer: Rebecca Greally.

Postal address:
NE61 2EF

Phone: 01670 622616