Committee details

Firefighters' Pension Scheme Local Pension Board

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference


To assist Northumberland County Council as FPS Scheme Manager: 

(1)      to secure compliance with the Regulations and any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the Scheme, and requirements imposed in relation to the FPS by the Pensions Regulator; and


(2)      to ensure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the FPS.


4 or 5 Members:


2 Employer Representatives (Voting)

2 Scheme Member Representatives (Voting)

1 Independent Chair (if deemed necessary by the Appointments Panel) (Non-Voting)


Substitutes for the Employer or Scheme Member Representatives are not permitted.  The Independent Member, if appointed, may have an Alternate who will carry out FPS Local Pension Board business if the Independent Member is not available to do so.


Quorum – 3 if an Independent Chair is appointed, 2 if not, to include 1 Employer Representative and 1 Scheme Member Representative.


2 County Councillors (Voting) – subject to eligibility and selection criteria for Councillor members


2 Scheme Member Representatives:

1 FPS Union Representative (Voting)*

1 FPS Active or Pensioner Member Representative (Voting)*


* The Appointments Panel oversees the appointments process.


Contact information

Support officer: Nichola Turnbull.

Postal address:
NE61 2EF

Phone: 01670 622617